Blends right in with background

The new Chevy Nubira was caught on camera in Europe earlier today.  Chevy’s Nubira, also called Lacetti in some parts of Europe, will replace the current model released in 2003.

Pre-2003, you may remember the Nubira under the Daewoo brand.  Once General Motors completed their acquisition of the South Korean company, most Daewoo models were branded as Chevy’s. 

This all-new Nubira has a more rounded roofline, with a curvier front-end, and brand-new swept headlights.  The photographer points out the glaring similarities between this car and the Opel Spectra, also produced by GM.  Five-bolt wheels replace the current model’s four-bolt rims.  Our photographer also noticed four-wheel disc brakes on the car.

Chevy will make the Nubira sedan available in 2008, with a wagon coming a little later.  We can only hope Chevy makes the classy paint job standard!

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