After 18 years Mercedes-Benz is renewing its brand identity across all business units

Star always shines from above

1 November 2007 will be the day that Mercedes-Benz will go through a brand identity facelift. The new brand identity means that all communication materials will be revised with a new design and a new company motto: The Star always shines from above. The New Mercedes C-Class Estate will be the first product campaign with the new design.

"A strong brand primarily distinguishes itself by a presence and positioning that is immediately and unmistakably recognisable. The new brand identity of Mercedes-Benz revives our entire presence, and ensures an unmistakable image which combines tradition with a future-oriented approach", says Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President Mercedes Car Group.

The Mercedes star is of course the main focal point in the new idenity, even more so than in the current designs. The three-pointed star is one of the world's most recognisable trademarks and has shared in the success of Mercedes over the past decades.

The new lay-out (in print) will feature the main text between the star (two dimensional) and the written trademark (Mercedes-Benz), with the star always above and the written trademark below the written or pictured communication.

In order to make the new brand identity 'fit' with all aspects of communications, the star will not just be linked to automobiles anymore, but also architecture, people and landscapes, putting the emphasis on uniform imagery. Mercedes will attempt to portray the personality (vitality and dynamism) of the brand through 'inventive use of focal depth and unfocused images and generous compositions with unusual perspectives'. Signature colours will be Arrow Silver for the Mercedes-Benz brand and Midnight Blue for usage in dealerships.

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