In an effort to balance ultimate horspower and performance with every day driving comfort, top American Nissan GT-R tuner Switzer Performance has announced their new Ultimate Street Edition.

Over the years we've seen Switzer cultivate their R35 GT-R engine tuning program from 700, 800 and 900 horsepower packages to the extreme 1200+hp R1KX or XXX GTR packages. However, Switzer has recognized not all of their clients want such a high strung vehicle that, for example, overheats in traffic, needs specialized racing fuels to run smoothly and requires recurring maintenance. Instead, Switzer has created the Ultimate Street Edition which begins life as a standard R35 GT-R, but gets re-engineered from the ground up to deliver an enjoyable yet practical driving experience.

According to proprietor, Tym Switzer, "For people who want a 1000+ horsepower car that they can drive comfortably every day, to the track or the office or the grocery store, on the highway or in bumper-to-bumper traffic, we've built this car." He continues, "This car idles smoothly. It shifts smoothly. There's no deafening exhaust or horrific gear whine. There is none of the harshness of most 'tuner specials', and we even managed to keep the highway mpg in the 20s."

The Ultimate Street Edition tuning program is comprehensive which sees Switzer-specific pistons, pins, rings, and connecting rods, as well as specially-ground camshafts chosen to optimize the drivability and idle characteristics. There's also a new pair of upgraded liquid-cooled turbochargers, Switzer's own intercoolers, transmission cooler and stainless-steel performance exhaust.

Regarding suspension and chassis, Switzer asserts, "Softer tires, adjustable shocks, and serious reductions in unsprung weight all come together in these cars. Once you factor in our 'nano-carbon' brake pads that improve bite and reduce fade, you have a package that's better than stock in every way, without punishing your kidneys from being super-stiff."

Check out the press release below for many more insights and details.

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