Europe's capitals are unsurprisingly the busiest, slowest centres, despite their frequently world-class public transport systems.

For all of you Desktop image collectors, we have finally upgraded our photo galleries to include two larger sizes, 1024 and 1280 pixel width. When viewing a photo you can access these larger sizes by clicking on the “Large” and “Super” text links located just over the top right corner of each photo. After doing so, you can also click on the “Medium” link to return to the original size.  Try it here: photo example

Unfortunately at this time, the “Previous photo” and “Next photo” scroll links only work on the medium size. The rationale is that the medium size photo which is 800 pixel width is large enough to browse the album by scrolling from one photo to the next, and if you decide you want to view a particular photo in larger size, the option is available. Hopefully, we will be able to offer photo scroll controls for the large and super photos sizes in the near future.

The reason for the delay in introducing this feature is simply due to the massive amount of bandwidth and processing power required to serve such large file sizes on a level that is consistent with our current global usage. We simply did not have the server capability to provide such a service, until now. We recently gave our IT infrastructure a major upgrade with the deployment of a European server cluster, thus, allowing big photos to be offered.

We have been preparing this large size photo launch since September 11 while attending the Frankfurt Motor Show. Therefore, you'll find most photo albums published since will be available in the large and super sizes. Naturally, you may stumble across some older photo albums published before that time that were not upgraded. We currently have no plans to upgrade albums prior to September 11. Over time these albums will get pushed back as newer content takes its places.

As always, we depend on your feedback to make WCF successful. Are these larger photo sizes good or bad? Please leave a comment below or email us at: feedback[at]

From all of us here at WCF we thank you for your support and we hope you find this new feature useful.

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