Ford execs are yet to officially confirm whether or not the highly anticipated Focus RS will definitely be produced and a recent report suggested it could be axed in favor of the Fiesta RS. However Auto Express has defied the uncertainty and reported the new generation Focus RS will produce 330hp(246kW/335PS).

The news stems from Matthias Ton, chief program engineer for the Focus ST who was speaking at the launch of the 247hp model. He confirmed the ST's 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine was already close to its power output limit therefore Ford are developing a new 2.3-litre EcoBoost unit to obtain the required boost the RS would require.

The new engine is being developed primarily to replace the less efficient V6 units within the Ford line-up but it could modified to better suit the sporting characteristics of the Focus RS.

Further upgrades the RS will incorporate in comparison to the ST include a mechanical limited slip differential as well as bigger brakes and a stiffer suspension system. We can also expect a more aggressive exterior design to easily differentiate it from the design of the conservative ST while the interior is also set to be extensively upgraded.

According to the report, Ford will bring the Focus RS to dealerships towards the end of 2013.


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