A diverse array of customized and high-performance cars, trucks and SUVs again dominates the General Motors display at the 2007 SEMA Show

Muscle with a message

GM is not far behind (or in front) of Ford when it comes to customizing their cars for the ever growing market of personilization. GM is a lot more stingy when it comes to images though, hence only one image of the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 concept.

What we can expect from GM sounds impressive enough on paper to be worth mentioning, namely a FlexFuel Chevy Hot Rod based on a '34 Chevy with a 500 hp ecotec engine, Jay Leno's E85 Corvette Z06 with almost 600hp and the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 Concept which throws back to vintage racecars.

Other tuned and tricked-out cars include the upcoming 2008 Saturn Astra, an enhanced Pontiac G8 GT and a Pontiac G8 GT pimped by 50 Cent, factory customized Cadillac CTS and Escalade Sport concepts, a bunch of Chevrolet Silverado's, a GMC Yukon, race inspired Hummer H3R and H2 Safari and last but by no means least a limited edition, all-aluminium, ZL-1 based Anniversary 427 crate engine.

A personal favourite will be declared when we have actually seen some pictures of the cars, but we are very curious to see what the American tuning scene can do with an Astra.

GM Shows 28 Vehicles at SEMA