On the occassion of the International Tokyo Toy Show 2012, Toyota has revealed the Camatte concept. The Camatte concept provides the opportunity for parents and their children to experience the joy of driving, car customization and car enthusiasm as a fun family experience or hobby. The Camatte also helps children develop driving skills.

In an effort to inspire interest in how motor vehicles work, the Camatte incoporates a very simple body structure. Designed to be very toy-like, the Camatte features a fully customizable exterior with easily removable and installable body panels. Seen here in two different styles called Sor and Daichi, a range of body panels in various shapes and colors can provide for a unique exterior.

The interior features a triangular seating arrangement with the driver positioned front and center while two rear seats are closely positioned behind. The proximity of the rear seats aid in parent-child communication while at the same time an adult, seated in the rear-right seat can assist the child with steering and braking.

Toyota footnotes that when children drive the Camatte, it should be at non-public places such as go-kart tracks.

Gallery: Toyota reveals Camatte concept car that kids can drive [video]

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