The live traveling road show for the globally popular British motoring television program called Top Gear is preparing to set a new world record. To be held next weekend at Top Gear Festival in the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa, the Top Gear Live Stunt Team will attempt to become the first to successfully complete a double loop-the-loop. Called the ‘Deadly 720', the stunt will be performed in front of an expected 15,000 spectators.

A stickler for details, the Top Gear Live Stunt Team was the first to successfully complete a single loop-the-loop - in an in-door arena.

"We've designed some pretty outlandish car stunts over the past four years from car bungees in Moscow's Red Square to jet propelled pushbikes, but this double loop the loop has the greatest chance of going wrong," admitted Top Gear Live Creative Director, Rowland French. "We've completed a single loop the loop as the climax to the previous Carmageddon Tour more than 80 times, and you know barring any acts of God, the buggy will make it through. Adding the second loop, though, multiplies the danger by more than two and creates the very real possibility of the buggy falling out from the top of the second loop. There are absolutely no margins for error, which is probably why no one has ever been mad enough to try it before."

To prevent the possibility of the driver letting off the gas inadvertantly during the stunt, the Top Gear Live Stunt Team has built a specially converted buggy fitted with hand controls to lock out the accelerator pedal. Furthermore, since hitting just the right speed is crucial, the dashboard has been fitted with a large light that switches from red to green when the buggy hits the required speed upon approach.

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