EU overturns "Volkswagen Law", opening the door for a hostile takeover by Porsche.

The Detroit Motor Show is only about two and a half months away, and until today all had been pretty quiet. That is of course until the October issue of the NAIAS Newsletter had been released revealing a whole bunch of concepts and production debuts we can expect to see come January.


Following the world debut of the Verve Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford will unveil a US version sharing the same platform, but will have a different body which will showcase the future design directon for Ford's compact cars. Ford executives say "The company plans to gauge public reaction to its proposed super-mini generation, a vehicle segment Ford anticipates will grow substantially in the future around the world."


Kia will unveil a new 7-seater production model which is current codenamed HM. It will be based on the Mesa concept as a 2009 model, and will feature 3 rows of seats making it larger than the Sorento.


A production version of Hyundai's flagship Genesis sedan which will be Hyundai's first model with V8 power or rear wheel drive. The car will start well under $30K.


It is hardly a motor show without a new Mazda concept, and this time Mazda will present us with an as yet unnamed concept which will be again based on the Nagare design theme. Company officials say this concept will be the most realistic yet, hinting that this concept will be more ikely to make it to production.


A new production model will make it's worldwide debut which could possibly be the GLK SUV.


A new concept as well as a new production model will be unveiled but we will have to wait until December before details are released.

Suzuki will unveil a new global concept and Subaru plans a global debut, although no details have been released on these yet.

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