Just six weeks after the world premiere of the up! - the two-door city specialist. VW is now introducing the second member of the New Small Family at the Tokyo Motor Show:

Volkswagen's Space Up! follows closely in the footsteps of its Frankfurt Show star sibling, the Up! city car concept. A 'wonder of space', the 'New Small Family' car is potential forerunner to a new range of Volkswagens, presently branded under the all-encompassing 'Up!' umbrella.

Capable of chiefly lasting for more than just one life cycle, the firm hopes a re-branded, re-invigorated range for the 21st century will emulate the success of its classic models that have stood the test of time, namely the known-the-world-over Beetle and bullet-proof reputed Golf.

Offering maximum space on a small platform measuring less than 3.7 metres in length and just over 1.6 metres in width, the Space Up! is a truly space-efficient vehicle, offering little in the way of gimmicks and much in substance. A multivariable interior offers a variety of seat positions and allows stowage of up to 1,005 litres of cargo.

The Space Up! offers no less than four adult seats, with the rear bench easily converted to seat children using integrated child seats. A high seating position and innovative anatomy-adaptive airflow foam cushions - both in the front and rear seats - will make the production version of VW's Space Up! a more comfortable place to be. A touchscreen with integrated 3D graphics and proximity sensors aids control of numerous functions, while another monitor displays tidbits such as vehicle speed, fuel level and range as well as CO2 emissions.

Extraordinarily evident between Frankfurt's Up! concept and the Tokyo Show debuted Space Up! concept car seen here is their common design philosophy. The Space Up!'s 'amiable charisma' clashes not with its 'straight-lined, confident design'. The four-door nature of the new concept does however allow several deviations from Up!-flavoured styling cues, although a largely familiar Up! front end is distinguished through more diagonal headlamps that allow for a bulkier fender extending into the car's side profile, and through the more forward nature of an aggressively positioned A-pillar.

At the rear, the Up! family range tautens, the Space Up!'s styling near identical to that of the Frankfurt concept. The taillights are integrated into the transparent hatch, split 1/3 to 2/3, the rear door offering an entry width of 101cm.

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