Honda let its CR-Z Concept take its first bow earlier today at the Tokyo Motor Show.  Although just one of over 15 vehicles at Honda's stand, nothing by the automaker was as hotly anticipated as this car.

The CR-Z Concept utilizes a hybrid powertrain, and could be the lynchpin to Honda's future automotive plans.  The car, with its all glass rear hatch, certainly makes us reminisce about the glory days of the CR-X.  This concept rides on 19-inch alloy wheels, which pair up nicely with the car's overall lightweight design.  

This new concept is part of Honda chief Takeo Fukui's belief that hybrids will represent roughly 10 percent of total global sales at the Japanese automaker.  With global sales expected to hit 4.5 million by 2010, Honda is in serious need of a hybrid that outperforms the Toyota Prius.

And it looks like they have taken the first steps in reaching that goal.  Honda is planning a compact sports car based on the CR-Z, with expectations that city-dwellers will have even more reason to buy a hybrid in the years to come.

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