An MP4-12C owner has published a letter he received from McLaren announcing a 25 HP (18 kW) power increase in addition to other upgrades as well. While most car companies, especially specialty makers of sports cars, would charge a fair sum for such an item, McLaren has graciously offered it to all 12C owners for free.

Posted to the owner's online forum,, the letter signed by McLaren Automotive's Managing Director Antony Sheriff states, "The power output of your 12C will increase by 25 PS to a class leading 625 PS (460 kW / 616 bhp). Our development team has re-engineered the mapping of the 12C engine to give your car a performance upgrade with significantly improved responsiveness. The 12C's remarkable CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency figures are unchanged."

Furthermore, McLaren is also offering several other upgrades that initial owners have requested. They include remote opening passenger door, programmable engine note, enhanced equalization options on the Meridian surround sound system and an upgraded IRIS infotainment system.

Installation of the upgrades will start at McLaren dealerships in October.


Gallery: McLaren offers MP4-12C owners 25HP power upgrade for free

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