According to a report filed by British car magazine Autocar, Ford are considering producing a performance variant to the Fiesta. It was widely expected the American auto maker would produce another Focus RS to follow in the footsteps of the current model, but Ford bigwigs appear to be considering a change of heart.

Since the Fiesta is now a global model and also acts as the company's motorsport flagship as the Fiesta RS WRC (pictured), it makes sense to raise the profile of the model with a street legal RS version.

However, Ford are unlikely to overlook the sales success of the current Focus RS which also raises the hope that both models could be produced side by side. However, development costs mean only one RS model is likely to get the green light.

Ford SVT engineers have stated the Fiesta RS would be a quicker and easier project to complete and would largely be based on the existing 2013 Fiesta ST. Power from an EcoBoost engine would generate in the region of 220 PS (162 kW / 217 hp) which should allow it to knock around a second from the ST's sub-seven second 0-100kph(0-62mph) time.

There is no timeline as to when or if either the Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta would get the RS treatment, but you'll hear it here on WCF as soon as developments surface.


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