The all-new 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty – the toughest truck on the planet – is also one of the easiest to customize.

Big, tough and customized

Toughest truck on the planet built Ford tough, not everybody may agree but rest assured that the Ford Super Duty is build just for that, duty. And if you thought that the Japanese are crazy about tuning, than the fact that more than 50% of Ford truck owners customize their vehicle may come as a surprise.

This time around Ford has called in the help of DeBerti, XTreme Toyz and Fabtech to personilize the F-series Super Duty trucks but I am sad to say I can't pick a favourite from this batch of SEMA show cars and will stick to the Make-a-Wish custom 1951 F-Series.

Mike Crowley, Ford Truck and SUV group marketing manager: “It’s that solid foundation that makes Super Duty one of the most flexible trucks for customizing, which is essential when more than 50 percent of our truck customers are modifying their vehicles for work and play.”

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