The new Nissan GT-R will be racing in the 2008 Super GT Championship ad will be heading to the US as a Spec V in 2010.

GT500 class

The Nissan GT-R is set for a return to motorsports in the 2008 season of the Super GT after a four year absence, in 2003 the GT-R won the Japan GT Championship. The new Nissan GT-R will run in the GT500 class, which appropriately is limited to cars producing no more than 500 hp. So Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) will be doing all it can to make the GT-R as light as possible and as responsive as possible in order to take on the likes of the Team Aguri Honda NSX. Currently the Nismo Motul Autech Z team sits in third place in the drivers standing with one more race coming up in about a week on the Fuji Speedway.

Edmunds managed to confirm the coming of a Spec V GT-R in 2010, which will very likely be a road-going version of the Super GT GT-R with most likely even more power. Edmunds expects the Spec V to arrive about a year after the Nissan GT-R arrives on US soil.

Nissan GT-R Heading for Super GT Series