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While we usually quote quarter-mile drag race figures when discussing performance cars, half-mile drag races offer valuable performance data, too. Cars that are closely matched in a quarter-mile race may find that the half-mile race widens the gap – or changes the results completely.

This video, from Track Day TV on YouTube, pits a Dodge Challenger Hellcat against a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Both cars offer similar quarter mile performance, with the end result often coming down to the driver. The question is, on a half-mile track, which has the longer legs?

In the first run, the Hellcat walks away from the Z06, slowly pulling on it until they cross the finish line, at which point the Z06 is several car lengths ahead of the Hellcat. Apparently, the driver of the Z06 botched the crucial 1-2 shift, and never recovered.

Lining up a second time, the tables turned as the Hellcat has its worst run of the day, getting gapped by the Corvette about as badly as he beat him the last time. Sadly, we never get a third run to settle the score once and for all, with both drivers at their best.

Still, it's impressive to us that both cars were so evenly matched. The Hellcat has quite a reputation as a dragstrip terror, but we expected the Corvette to have longer legs up top. We were pleasantly surprised that the Hellcat isn't just a quarter-mile machine.

The Hellcat driver leaves us with a recap of the day's events, explaining the end result of the race with the help of a chalkboard covered in relevant figures. As the host explains, "You guys are all adults here. You can draw your own conclusions based on the information I provided."

Our conclusion? We'd be happy with either of these cars in our garage.

Source: Track Day TV on YouTube


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