The Panel SS fuses the production HHR SS’s turbocharged powertrain and race track-bred suspension with the unique HHR Panel body style.

Looking for an alternative approach to a stylized concept for the Chevy HHR SS, General Motors designers asked themselves the question, what if the HHR SS was given a panel body like the common commercial panel vans littered across North America. As the distinguishing feature of a panel van, the side windows have been replaced with solid sheet metal to form one continuous side panel. Resulting in an interesting clean simplified look, the HHR SS will go into production as the 2009 HHR Panel SS limited edition.

The usually SS attributes such as body kit, SS embroidered seats with pseudo-suede inserts, Nürburgring tuned FE5 suspension, windshield pillar boost gauge and 2.0 liter Ecotec 260hp (194 kW) turbo engine are all present. However, details which are unique to the concept but most likely will not make it to the production version include 20-inch wheels, new instrument cluster with 140mph speedometer, “suede” paint scheme which has a satin appearance reminiscent of classic hot rods as well as a special cargo area with billet aluminum tie-downs, floor strips and load brackets while tossing the rear seats in the dumpster.

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