The only thing missing from this home-run Silverado is the apple pie – because the baseball and Chevrolet are covered.

One of five Chevy Silverado theme cars to be shown at SEMA, this latest custom pickup truck puts Chevrolet's sponsorship of Major League Baseball in the spotlight. Typically, concepts and vehicles presented at shows like SEMA are targeted to consumers interested in aftermaket products. But it appears with the MLB concept, the General is more interested in customizing vehicles for the sake of promoting agendas outside of the world of tuning and customization. Realistically, if this Silverado had the slightest intention of reaching the public, who would be interested in a baseball themed car that represented ALL of the teams in MLB as opposed to their favorite team?

Anyway, if you are a lover of all things baseball, then you'll love the exterior paint job which prominently shows the MLB logo as well as all MLB team logos. The centerpiece is a flat panel television which rises into view as the power-lifting flat bed tonneau covers raises and includes a Wii gaming console. Similar to the Audi TT, the interior incorporates baseball glove like leather with baseball stitching and real baseball bat ash wood trim.

Chevrolet Major League Baseball Silverado at SEMA