The bed and tonneau cover of the Silverado 3500HD crew cab open to reveal a makeshift stage, complete with lighting and power for microphones and amplifiers.

Here we go again with the second Silverado theme truck. This time the General shifts from promoting its involvement in sports to the music industry. Apparently people who like pickup trucks also like country music, and that's who Chevrolet is reaching out to by showing support at Country Music festivals as well as selected “artists” with the Chevrolet Country Music Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab. The centerpiece for this theme truck is a makeshift stage which emerges from the flat bed. Also equipped with lighting and power for microphones and amplifiers, the Silverado is trimmed with horse saddle-like aniline leather and wood accents containing mother-of-pearl inlays similar to the those found in the fretboard of a guitar.

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