The Cadillac Escalade Sport concept showcases even more of the dramatic presence and power that has made Escalade the sales and image leader among large luxury SUVs.

550hp luxury SUV

Whether or not the Cadillac Escalade needs an even more distinctive look is subject to taste but General Motors deems that the Escalade is ready for just that. Cadillac has outfitted its luxury SUV with a new front and rear fascia, 24 inch forged alloy wheels, lowered the ride height with a sport tuned suspension and added special aero rockers.

The Cadillac Escalade Sport Concept also comes with a 550 hp small block V8 which is couple to a heavy-duty 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission. A high performance brake package is supposed to stop this monster-on-wheels and, just like the CTS Sport, the Escalade Sport comes with a dual rear exhaust Corsa cat-back exhaust system.

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