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Today is the first day of April and some automakers like to have a bit of fun trying to fool the automotive crowd. Frankly, some of those efforts are better than others, and while we’re not trying to dissuade creative marketing types from engaging in April Fools tomfoolery, Porsche dropping a QR code on its badge isn’t remotely fooling anybody.

What’s the crux of this gag? Porsche does offer something of a hook by saying the new QR-code badge will debut on the Taycan, which is itself a departure from the norm for the engineers at Stuttgart. The all-electric sedan will debut later this year, and if some weird new tech feature were to find its way to Porsche’s iconic crest, it makes sense that the Taycan would be the vehicle of choice. Then again, a QR code isn’t exactly cutting-edge these days, and that begs another question. What could Porsche possibly link to that would be relevant to its badge? The Porsche homepage? A video on Porsche history? A picture of a VW Beetle?

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In the case of this prank, the QR code actually functions and takes you to a page that says April Fools in big letters. Again, not terribly imaginative on Porsche’s behalf – the April Fools page could at least have a short paragraph plugging the Taycan with a link to an existing Taycan page. That’s a missed PR opportunity if we ever saw one, but now we’re just getting nitpicky because only half the day is over and we’ve already seen a gazillion April Fool's Day "news" stories.

The Taycan, however, is no joke. Some people are a bit sore over Porsche offering a fully electric vehicle, but we wonder how they would feel hitting 60 mph behind the wheel of a Taycan in 3.5 seconds? In addition to serious straight-line thrust, Porsche has also been developing the electric sedan at the Nürburgring where it’s rumored to turn a sub-eight-minute lap around the Nordschleife. That’s not record-setting, but it suggests the Taycan has some legit cornering capability. And with an electric range over 310 miles, it will have legs to do a bit of sight-seeing as well.

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Porsche Launches Innovative QR Code Crest

Porsche proudly presents a crest for the digital age: the Porsche QREST. The new crest meets the needs and desires of the next generation of Porsche drivers and will be introduced with the Taycan.

Originally based on the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg of former Weimar Germany from 1922, the Porsche crest has undergone many transformations since its creation in 1952, but none as monumental as the latest rendition: the QREST. The new world-first crest with a QR code embedded represents a turning point for Porsche, showing the world that it leads the way in digitalization and is still one of the most innovative car companies in the world.

Scan the crest to discover Porsche like never before.

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