After lots of chances to see the development of the next-gen Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a new batch of spy shots offers an early look at the German brand testing the upcoming sedan's plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The PHEV variant of the C-Class gains an extra cover on the driver side rear fender that hides the spot for plugging in the vehicle. To spot it, look at the rear door handle and look farther to the right. As further evidence that this is the hybrid model, check out the windshield where the yellow dot denotes that this one is electrified. 

Mercedes plans to have 20 PHEV models available by the end of 2020. These electrified variants of the C-, E-, and S-Class all have 13.5-kilowatt-hour battery packs allowing for up to 31 miles (50 kilometers) of zero-emissions motoring.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz C-Class PHEV Spy Shots

Like the rest of the future C-Class lineup, the PHEV variant rides on a version of Mercedes' MRA2 platform. The wheelbase may grow slightly to increase cabin space, but weight increases would be minimal to nonexistent. The engineers still keep the exterior under heavy camouflage, which makes a difficult job of discerning the styling changes. The headlights appear smaller. Plus, the giant sensor in the center of the grille suggests the availability of even more advanced driver assistance tech.

Spy shots don't offer a look inside the new C-Class yet. However, Mercedes' general ethos recently is to fill the dashboard with larger, better-looking screens for the MBUX infotainment system. It's safe to expect this trend to continue with upcoming models.

Look for the new C-Class to debut in 2020 and be on sale for the 2021 model year in the United States. Mercedes would stagger the launch of the various powertrains, so the PHEV might not be available at the sedan's launch.

Source: Carpix

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