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Take a minute and see what it's like to reach 300.4 miles per hour (483.44 kph) in just a mile (1.61 kilometers) on an empty runway. The clip captured the recent moment when M2K Motorsports' highly modified Ford GT set a new standing-mile record during the last day of the Texas Mile event at the Victoria Regional Airport.

The driver makes hitting 300 mph look easy. Things start smoothly until there's a little buffeting at around 200 mph (322 kph). Things smooth out again at around 250 mph (402 kph).

According to the event's sensors, the GT was going 174.5 mph (280 kph) after covering a quarter mile, and 240 mph (386 kph) at the half-mile mark.

M2K Motorsports' GT might be capable of even higher speeds because it's still accelerating after crossing the mile marker. The telemetry's speedometer shows the car hitting 306 mph (492.5 kph) before the driver shuts things down.

The clip below shows off a little of the preparation right before this run and provides a look from the outside at the GT reaching 300 mph.

This Ford GT is still street legal and puts down an estimated 2,500 horsepower (1,864 kilowatts) at the rear wheels. The exact figure is unknown because the dyno can't handle the car at its most powerful tune.

In 2017, M2K Motorsports' GT managed to hit a record for the time by doing 293.6 mph (472.5 kph) in the standing mile. In 2013, the machine did 278.2 mph (447.4 kph), so the team has been working for quite a while to break the 300-mph mark. Now, it's time to go even faster.

Source: Mark Heidaker via YouTubeTurnpike Racing League via YouTube

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