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Nissan teases 50th Anniversary editions of the GT-R and 370Z for the New York International Auto Show in April, but the automaker doesn't provide any details about what makes them special yet. Fans of the brand's classic performance models can also look forward to seeing the Nissan Dream Garage.

The top row of the Dream Garage teaser is well lit, making the models very easy to identify. From left to right, there is a 240Z, R32-generation GT-R race car in the famous Calsonic livery, C110-generation GT-R, and R34-generation GT-R. 

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Due to the shadows, the lower row is somewhat harder to identify,  but the brighter version above makes the job a whole lot easier. From left to right, there is a 370Z (possibly the 50th Anniversary Edition), modern GT-R, the GT-R50, and GT-R Nismo.


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The Nissan Dream Garage skews heavily in favor of the GT-R by taking six of the eight spots. It would have been nice for the Z car to have a little more love, maybe by adding a twin-turbo 300ZX to the collection. 

The 370Z and GT-R are both rather old at this point with American sales beginning in 2009 and 2008 respectively. Nissan has given the GT-R meaningful mechanical updates over that time, but the Z-car hasn't received quite as much attention to its powertrain.

Nissan execs are adamant that new generations of the 370Z and GT-R are coming – eventually. Details about them are still incredibly scant, though. The best info so far suggests the next Z might use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder potentially with hybrid assistance. Meanwhile, the GT-R might also utilize electrification. The automaker isn't yet providing specifics about when either model could arrive.

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Nissan to celebrate 50 years of performance at NYIAS
At Nissan, we believe every garage deserves to dream

NEW YORK – Come experience a garage 50 years in the making – the Nissan Dream Garage at the 2019 New York International Auto Show.

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