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A lot can be said about electric cars and their environmental friendliness, not to mention their minimal maintenance requirements. However, the masses don't really seem to be swayed by such claims. This is partly due to the fact that some EVs are just plain polarizing. In addition, even though owning an electric car may save you money in the long term, the upfront price tag is a deterrent to many car shoppers.

The truth is, more people might be turned on to electric vehicles if they had an opportunity to take one for a test drive. This is true for many EVs due to their instant torque, quiet operation, and futuristic tech features. The Tesla Model S is arguably king of the segment when it comes to proving that electric cars can be ridiculously fast, fun to drive, and stunning to look it. Of course, it's smaller sibling – the Tesla Model 3 – has more than proven it has a similar impact.

Micah Muzio drives and reviews many cars as part of his job at Kelley Blue Book. On his own time, he provides personal vehicle reviews, which are not affiliated with his work at KBB. While it's safe to say he's a seasoned automotive guru, he's not and EV advocate. However, he can't help but share the intense and addictive qualities of the Tesla Model S Performance and its Ludicrous acceleration.

Video Description via Micah Muzio on YouTube:

Why is the Tesla Model S so addictive to drive?

Thanks to my day job at Kelley Blue Book, I drive and review a lot of cars. Today I’m driving a 2019 Tesla Model S. This particular car is the P100D, recently renamed the Tesla Model S Performance. Sitting above the Long Range Model S in Tesla’s lineup, the Performance is a grade-A blast of electric car fun.

To be honest, I might’ve gone overboard with all the full-throttle acceleration. But honestly, can you blame me? The Model S Performance can spring from zero to 60 miles per hour in right about 3 seconds. But with the optional Ludicrous Mode the 0-60 time drops to 2.4 seconds, according to Tesla. That’s properly insane but even further off the deep end is Ludicrous Plus Mode. After thoroughly warming the battery Ludicrous Plus improves acceleration even further. I tried it out, safely of course, with my daughter along for the ride.

With all that addictive acceleration talk aside, I assure you I also drove the 2019 Model S like a sane person and thoroughly investigated the interior. Lastly, Tesla ditched their Standard Performance Model S on the same day this video was uploaded. So, the update I included in the video already needs an update. Sorry about that.

And just so the premise is ultra-clear, this is not a comprehensive review but rather a casual look at the 2019 Tesla Model S, while I live my normal life. Simple. Fun!

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