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We’ve been patiently waiting to see the new A45 ever since Mercedes-AMG dropped that exciting “Merry Driftmas” video during the last festive season. The latest teaser is quite similar, but the location has been changed from Germany to Sweden while the tarmac has been replaced by an icy surface. Both videos are sending out the same message – even though it’s a hot hatch based on a front-wheel-drive platform, the new Mercedes hatch will shake its tail much like a RWD car.

How is that even possible? Simple (well, not really) – thanks to a drift mode that makes the A45 slide without the driver putting too much effort into it. It’s unclear whether it will be the same with the production car, but in the prototype, the driver has to put the car in Race mode, deactivate ESP, pull both paddles located behind the wheel forward, and then pull the right-side shift paddle.

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Equipped with a tail-happy 4Matic system, the new performance compact hatchback will utilize a dual-clutch eight-speed automatic in charge of channeling the immense power developed by the turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine. In the base version, the four-cylinder mill will push out 383 hp whereas in the first-ever A45 S it will churn an impressive 416 hp.

With the Geneva Motor Show behind us, we’ll likely see the A45 / A45 S in Frankfurt this September. It certainly won’t be up on display next month in New York because the A-Class hatchback is not sold in the United States. That being said, the A45 Sedan is heading to the U.S. where there’s also going to be a CLA 45, but not the shooting brake body style since America isn’t infatuated with wagons like some Europeans are.

Source: Mercedes-AMG / YouTube

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