Thunderbird 2 Replica Is Weirdest Toyota Previa You've Ever Seen [UPDATE]

With a bed in the back, you could take this weird rig camping.

Update: The dealer selling the Thunderbird 2 replica supplied a gallery of photos revealing the van's interior. Check them out, below.

For someone with a serious case of 1960s nostalgia or just with a love of being seen, this replica of the Thunderbird 2 could be exactly what you need. It's currently on sale in the United Kingdom for 34,995 pounds ($46,280 at present exchange rates). You could even go camping in it.

Thunderbirds was a science-fiction television series from the United Kingdom that originally ran from 1965 to 1966 and for many years after that in syndication around the world. It was about a family who used crazy vehicles for international rescues. What really set the show apart was that all of the characters were marionettes, giving them very weird looking movement.

Thunderbird 2 was the team's massive air transporter (see it in action in the clip above). This builder took a 1994 Toyota Previa minivan and created an eye-catching replica. The custom body is all metal and wears a vibrant shade of green paint with yellow highlights. The windshield is gone, and there's now an array of tiny windows in front. A little wiper sits above two of them. Fairings hide the front and rear wheels, and three fake jet exhausts point out of the back.

A gullwing door on each side allows entry into the cabin. The interior is entirely green, which might be taking things too far to our eyes. The rearview mirror is now useless because the rear window is gone. The seller reports there's a rearview camera, though. A bed in the back lets the new owner take this weird rig on longer adventures. A roof-mounted DVD player and sound system provide some entertainment while camping.

The powertrain remains the Previa's stock setup of a mid-mounted 2.4-liter four-cylinder and automatic gearbox. The rear shows a U.K. license plate suggesting this odd machine is road legal there. Since this Toyota is 25 years old, someone could conceivably import the van to the United States, but the lack of side mirrors would likely make getting a license plate difficult.

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