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Here is what happens when someone has a bit of imagination and too much time on their hands. This model may look very much like the track-only Ferrari FXX at first glance, but beneath it lies a pedal powered chassis.

The highly economical super car was created by Austrian artist Hannes Langwelder who has spent the best part of a year building the project. It is known as the Fahrradi Farfall FFX which translates from German (Fahrradi) and Italian (Farfalla) to mean Bicycle Butterfly. It weighs just 100kg, possesses 2 sets of pedals (you could call it dual-powered) and features 11 gears.

Langwelder's work has been seen in the past in the form of a pedal-powered Porsche that was driven by Richard Hammond on an episode of Top Gear.

The vehicle is currently on display at the LENTOS Museum of Art in Linz, Austria and is available to purchase for a quite ridiculous £1.2 million.


Gallery: £1.2 million pedal-powered Ferrari FXX replica [video]

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