Rear-wheel-drive cars are arguably better on a performance level. However, you may get stuck in icy and snowy conditions.

Rear-wheel-drive cars may seem to be a dying breed when it comes to mainstream vehicles. This is because most traditional automakers have welcomed front-wheel-drive powertrains to much of their lineups.

However, most sports cars and many luxury vehicles still come standard with rear-wheel drive, since it offers a multitude of benefits when it comes to acceleration and handling. However, these benefits generally don't apply when you're dealing with slick surfaces. Rear-wheel drive and snow don't always mix well, though due to modern traction control and winter tires, it's not as bad as it once was.

So, what happens when you take your rear-wheel-drive car out in the snow and get into a slippery situation? While it might not be wise to put yourself in circumstances that may lead to getting stuck, sometimes you have no other option. Fortunately, the Tim O'Neil Rally School has a special trick that may prove useful.

Check out the video above to see the potential solution in action.

Video Description via Team O'Neil Rally School via YouTube:

How to Get Unstuck With a Rear Wheel Drive

An easy trick to help you get moving and stay moving an a rear wheel drive car, should you be driving a RWD car in the winter, this is a very useful skill to have on snow and ice.

Source: YouTube

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