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The Dodge Charger Widebody is probably the most anticipated version of the four-door muscle sedan. Thanks to our friends at Mopar Insiders, we are given the chance to take a closer look at the upcoming widebody Charger, albeit, as a concept.

As previously reported, the Charger Widebody Concept is presented at the SoCal LX Spring Fest 14. Youtube channel R/T Life was able to get exclusive walkaround footage of the widebody Charger through another Youtube channel called Mission Flyer.

The video on top of this page is an up-close look at the widebody concept. Up front, the extended fender flares give the Charger a wider, more aggressive stance than a normal Charger. A pair of air intakes decorate the lower bumper, while the mesh maximizes the lower grille. The upper grille, on the other hand, gets a lower split intake, making the fascia look like a Dodge Durango.

In profile, aside from the screaming SRT decals, the most obvious difference is the defined fenders that give the car a more muscular look than the non-widebody Chargers. It's paired up with restyled five twin-spoke rims that have narrower gaps compared to the wheels of the Challenger Widebody.

The Charger Widebody Concept's rear-end has a bit more subtle deviation from the regular Chargers. The LED outline and twin tailpipes are still there, although, a new spoiler is added. The widebody treatment allowed bigger rear air vents as well.

As it stands, this is still a concept, which means what you see in this walkaround video might still change until Dodge unleashes the official production version of the Charger Widebody. We'll make sure to keep an eye peeled for that, as you do.

Source: R/T Life via Mopar Insiders

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