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A driver of an all-terrain vehicle is now being searched for by the Cleveland State Highway Patrol. In a video uploaded by the authority, you can see that this ATV had the ride of his life and it ended rather in his favor.

The police chase happened earlier this week when the State Highway Patrol spotted the ATV traversing I-480 freeway. It started at around 3:30 p.m. just before the West 130th Street exit. At the start of the video on top of this page, you can see that the ATV was traversing the shoulder lane at speeds when the state trooper spotted him. The driver, who's wearing a brown sweatshirt, knew that the state trooper was there, as you can see him glancing over several times.

Watch ATV Driver Give Statie The Slip During Highway Chase
This was the ATV driver's moment of truth.

With the state trooper's overhead lights on, the chase started with the ATV pulling off his first slip at the West 130th Street exit – an almost successful one, but the state trooper was able to tail.

At 1:04 mark, you can hear the state trooper telling the ATV driver to pull over but to no avail. The chase continued until the West 150th Street exit where the ATV was able to successfully do the slip and exited towards the road.

The chase ended when the ATV crossed a field. According to the reports, the ATV reached speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs have the capability to go anywhere – anywhere but the highway. Well, at least in Ohio. ATV regulations in the U.S. is a bit of a gray area since these four-wheelers aren't considered motor vehicles, so they are not regulated by federal law. Instead, each state has its own law against (or for) its usage on the road.

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