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We have seen a lot of things spilled on the road before – chocolate, beer, eels, and even sardines, road spills are somehow inevitable but nothing compares to the amount of inconvenience that this highway crash made.

In what seems to be an ode to the rock band Rolling Stones, a trailer-tractor has crashed in an interstate highway in Atlanta, Georgia and spilled 40,000 pounds (5,500 gallons) of black printer ink onto the road.

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According to WSB-TV of Atlanta, the crash happened last Wednesday morning when a car cut in front of a semi-truck, causing the tractor-trailer to lose control and ultimately crashed to everyone's inconvenience.

With 40,000 lbs of black ink on the highway, authorities were forced to close the multiple southbound lanes of I-285 near I-20. This caused a massive traffic jam and multiple delays.

The authorities' response was quick, though, and it has been reported that all the lanes have been reopened after being shut down for hours. Authorities used sand and dirt in order to clean up the mess, but ink stains are still apparent throughout the interstate.

While there's no point in crying over spilled ink, a guesstimate from Gizmodo tells us that the cost for that massive amount of spilled ink would reach around $13 million, making this crash one of the most expensive crashes in automotive history.

Although no injuries were reported in the said accident, it's almost impossible to not feel bad for the people who had to go through that heavy traffic congestion, as well as the massive amount of dollars wasted – all because of one careless, inconsiderate individual.

Source: WSB-TV via Autoblog


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