The result, Volvo's XC70 Surf Rescue (SR) concept, pays homage to the brave individuals who protect and serve the ocean-going public.


Surf and protect

Hollywood has glamorized life guards since David “Hassle-the-Hoff” Hasselhoff, Erika Eleniak and later Pamela Anderson adorned TV sets across the globe for 10 years (1989-1999) and almost made people forget about how lifeguards lay their own lives on the line for beach visitors, surfers and sailors on a daily basis. Joel Alexandersson, designer at the Volvo Concept Center in Gothenburg, Sweden and avid contestant in lifeguard skill competitions was more than happy to take on the task of honouring lifeguards with a one-of-a-kind rescue vehicle.

The Volvo XC70 SR has been entirely digitally designed and eventually all the custom parts were manufactured with a progress called rapid prototyping straight from these digital designs, instead of first having to make clay models.

The XC70 SR has been raised by five inches to increase ride height and with the new front and rear fascia's the overhang is significantly reduced. The increased ride height also makes room for the 20 inch wheels, specifically designed for the concept and are wrapped in unique Pirelli tires, made especially for loose and sandy surfaces for the XC70 SR. The XC70 SR is painted in a unique yellow with red inserts and was applied using DuPont's wet-on-wet coating technology for multi layer effects.

The interior hass been designed by Volvo's Spanish styling center and comes with black and grey (with bright yellow inserts) wetsuit-style neoprene fabric covered seats in front and back. The neoprene fabric also covers the trunk floor, the trunk has room for two scuba tanks, an oxygen tank, a first aid kita, resuscitator box and a large waterproof box containing additional medical supplies and surf rescue equipment.

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