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Just because you're camping in the wilderness doesn't mean you have to rough it when traveling in a rig like the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia. These trucks can take someone on an adventure while offering all the conveniences of being at home.

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Global Expedition Vehicles can build the Patagonia on a variety of commercial chassis from Kenworth, International, Freightliner, BAE, Mercedes, MAN, and Unimog. These images show a Kenworth K270/K370 as the starting point. Base prices start at a hefty $465,000, which includes the truck.

At its smallest, the Patagonia measures 17.5 feet (5.3 meters) long, but Global Expedition Vehicles can build versions up to 29 feet (8.8 meters) long. The rear living area sits on special mounts that let the truck's frame flex while minimizing the effects for anyone riding inside. Depending on the selected vehicle chassis, it's also possible to have a cab-to-cabin entry, so there's no need to leave the rig to get into the back.

This one wears an external roll cage for protecting the body if anything goes wrong, and the black bars look great, too. An auxiliary LED light bar and lamps can keep the adventure moving after dark. If the situation gets sticky, winches at the front and back should help pull you out of trouble.

Global Expedition Vehicles offers a huge range of options, so that someone can tailor a Patagonia to their needs. One of the more interesting choices is an enclosed toy hauler at the back that's big enough to fit an ATV. A buyer can even specify an auxiliary fuel tank there to keep these vehicles gassed up without hauling gasoline cans.

To keep the adventure going even longer, there are solar panels available for the roof. If even more electricity is necessary, a diesel generator is available, too. A heating system can keep the cabin toasty and water hot even when the vehicle's engine is off.

The interior is similarly configurable. Depending on a buyer's needs, budget, and the desired floorplan, there are choices like a queen or king size bed and picking between a wet or dry shower area.

Source: Global Expedition Vehicles via Top Gear

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