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First came Ford with their Raptor back in 2010. Then, Chevrolet threw down with the Colorado ZR2, a very different take on the performance off-road pickup truck concept. Now comes Dodge, a little late to the party, but with a truck that many Mopar fans would likely tell us is the best of the three.

Chrysler Corporation is no stranger to high-performance pickup trucks. Back in 2004, they released the Ram SRT-10, powered by the Dodge Viper's V10 engine. It stayed in production for just three short years – leaving for good in 2006 – but certainly made an impression on sport truck fans.

After a long sabbatical, it looks like the world is ready for another performance Ram – we know we are, at least. Current sensibilities seem to favor off-road inspired, prerunner-style trucks for that purpose and that's just what it appears the engineers at Chrysler Corp. are cooking up.

The upcoming Ram Rebel TRX, shown here in spy shots, has the Hellcat-sourced horsepower to back up its aggressive off-road looks. From our sources, while the Ram Rebel TR will get roughly 520 horsepower and 525 lb/ft of torque from an new V8, the Ram Rebel TRX will get the same 707 horsepower that the Hellcat gets, detuning be damned.

Gallery: Ram Rebel TRX Spy Shots

Previous spy shots have pointed to a beefed-up frame, likely designed to take a beating off road as well as handle the tremendous power. We expect a similarly beefed-up suspension and braking setup. There are what look like some haphazardly-attached plastic covers visible in the rear wheel wells, possibly covering up something really interesting going on with the suspension. In fact, we'd count on it.

The current Ram is a great truck inside and out. With 707 horsepower, we expect it to be a stump jumpin', mud boggin' good time.


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