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The Koenigsegg Jesko dropped more than a few jaws at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. If you didn’t get enough of it on display, this video from SellerieCimes on YouTube offers some up-close footage of the proposed 300-mph hypercar in action. Sadly, it’s not what we would call dignified action since the car is merely pushed through a lot near the show to a waiting trailer.

We’d rather see – and hear – it operating under its own power, but the video does give us some additional perspective on the size and the crazy aero components of Koenigsegg’s latest creation. With people pushing from the front and side, the car looks a bit smaller than it did on the stand during the show. It’s no less bonkers, however, from the huge front splitter to the boomerang-shaped center-mount rear wing and aggressive rear diffuser. Given the tight quarters in the lot, we can appreciate why the car was pushed instead of driven – rearward visibility from inside the car appears challenging at best.

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Beneath the Jesko’s skin is a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 making no less than 1,600 (1,193 kilowatts) horsepower when running ethanol-rich E85 fuel. Even on standard gasoline the Jesko still delivers 1,280 hp (955 kW), and it sends all that thrust through a new gearbox that Koenigsegg curiously calls the Light Speed Transmission. That’s because the multi-clutch nine-speed unit has the ability to jump directly between a range of gears, instead of bouncing through them like most sequential-type gearboxes.

This particular car won’t be gunning for the top speed record, but at the Jesko’s launch, Christian von Koenigsegg specifically mentioned a higher-speed variant of the car was already in development. Dubbed the Jesko 300, its mission is to become the first production car to hit the vaunted 300-mph mark. Many automakers with in-development projects have made such claims in recent years, but Koenigsegg already holds the current absolute speed record with its 277-mph Agera RS. The Jesko 300 only needs 23 more mph to make that happen.

Source: SellerieCimes via YouTube

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