Compared to a lot of things, cars are pretty durable. They're expected to perform flawlessly, in all manner of conditions, for years on end, and look good doing it. Car paint can withstand all manner of weather, with little more than a simple polish required to restore its luster.

While cars aren't completely water-tight, the rubber seals around the doors and windows do an admirable job of insulating those inside from the weather, year after year, even as they begin to naturally harden and break down.

This YouTube video, from Beyond the Press, will put that all to the test. Beyond the Press is the sister channel to the infamous Hydraulic Press Channel. In short, they know better than almost anyone how to destroy things. Today, the victim will be a hapless Ford Sierra.

As you might have guessed by the video title, the Ford won't be subjected to a hydraulic press. Instead, it's facing down the pressure washer from hell: 44,000 PSI of cleaning power, which is, as shown in the beginning of the video, enough to cut a log clean (get it?) in half.

The old European Ford station wagon doesn't fare much better. Initially focusing on the rear passenger side door, the pressure washer easily strips off the paint, leaving bare metal – and, on the wheel arch, perforated holes where rust had weakened the steel. The door handle and lower window seal are clearly damaged as well.

The pressure washer's hunger for carnage knows no bounds. The passenger side mirror is sliced off, and the right front tire is compromised by the sheer force of the high-pressure water jet. Soon, the plastic front bumper cover and headlight fall to the washer as well.

Finally, sand is added to the water, and with that, the pressure washer is capable of cutting holes in the steel door panel. Even after all of that, though, the door's old rubber seals did a surprisingly admirable job of keeping the cabin relatively dry.

Source: Beyond the press on YouTube

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