DragTimes is back with the McLaren 720S, and this time the target is Porsche. Correction – the targets are Porsches, as in a pair of 911 Turbo S models with a host of modifications that make these German competitors seriously fast. Not that a standard Turbo S is slow, but both Porsches featured here pack a range of upgrades to turbos, exhaust, and intercoolers, not to mention methanol injection which helps the engines handle hotter air temperatures easier. The white 911 featured first in the video boasts 804 horsepower (600 kilowatts) at the wheels, with the gray Porsche putting 750 hp (560 kW) to the ground.

That’s some serious competition for the stock 720S, but as we’ve seen time and again both at DragTimes and other outlets, the McLaren’s straight-line capabilities are nothing short of heroic. This actual car has already turned sub-10-second quarter-mile times, and with both Porsches said to be 9-second machines, Brooks will definitely need his A-game behind the wheel.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Turbo S Vs. McLaren 720S Drag Race

Five races go down on the quarter-mile drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida, and we’ll offer a partial spoiler right now – The 720S does see Porsche taillights. The first race with the white 911 is open-and-shut from the get-go, with the Porsche claiming a .25-second victory at the other end. It may not sound like much, but when you’re traveling upwards of 140 mph, that equates to a win by a couple of car lengths.

The second race is a different story, and honestly, it could be the closest finish we’ve ever seen on Motor1.com. The McLaren gets a better launch and steps out to an early lead, but the Porsche with its horsepower advantage claws back to the bitter end. Who takes the win? We’d never dream of spoiling that outcome for you – the video footage is that exciting.

For that matter, we won’t spoil the rest of the runs, which include two more contests with the white 911 and just one with the gray Porsche. Some of those contests are no-brainers, and some are nearly as close as the race mentioned above. So sit back, turn up the volume, and welcome the weekend with some epic supercar drag racing action.

Source: DragTimes via YouTube

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