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The current Nissan GT-R and Z car are already old, and the automaker knows it. Nissan Chief Planning Officer Philippe Klein confirms to Top Gear that the company is at least considering the future for this pair. Although, it doesn't sound like replacements are on the way too soon.

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"We have the Z and the GT-R, lots of fans, and we are fans of these cars also," Klein told Top Gear.  "I’m not able to give you details, but I would like you to keep in mind that we are considering the future of these vehicles."

Nissan execs have been a little more open to discuss the GT-R as of late. The company doesn't intend the limited-run GT-R50 to be a preview of the new model. Instead, a concept would eventually provide a hint of what the new coupe looks like. Rumors suggest the model could take on a level of electrification, and Klein seems to point at that direction, too.

"This is why we’re moving to electrification with e-power. In the end we would like the regulations to take nothing away from how fun the car is to drive. It’s not always easy, but this is the direction. Yes, we’re still looking at the future of sports cars, hot cars, and fun to drive cars," he told Top Gear.

While Nissan confirms that a new Z car is coming, the company still keeps details a secret. Rumors suggest it would give up on six-cylinder power for the first time and would switch to a turbocharged four-cylinder.

Source: Top Gear

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