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Lamborghini are continuing to file trademarks that keep many of us guessing the product strategy they will be employing in the coming years. We recently heard of the supercar brand registering Deimos which is currently unassigned to any model however the identity of the Urus name has now been defined.

Lamborghini has now registered Huracan with the trademark office. A name that translates from Spanish to mean hurricane and is also the name of a god of fire in ancient Mayan mythology

The guess work can now commence, we now have two new names which Lamborghini can now use and Car & Driver has added their own proposition to the mix. Deimos will become the production name of the new Lambo SUV with Urus consigned to the concept while Huracan will be the name of the Gallardo replacement.

There is also an outside chance that Lamborghini are still considering a fourth model in their line-up. Maybe the the Estoque four-door concept that was introduced in 2008 will make it to production after all.


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