Friends, be warned. Anyone with even an inkling of vehicular experience in snow should be prepared for multiple facepalm-worthy moments in the video above. You’ll note we don’t specifically say off-road vehicular experience. That’s because this big ol’ Hummer H1 never goes off-road. Instead, the driver simply plows into a snowbank while spinning donuts. Honestly, the initial impact doesn’t appear that bad, but no amount of four-wheel-drive capability can make up for – and we’re being very polite here – a fundamental misunderstanding of basic physics.

The video comes from DailyDrivenExotics on YouTube, and the location isn’t really important. What is important is that this crew set out for some snowy four-wheel-drive tomfoolery without a few common-sense essentials such as a shovel, or a bag of cat litter, or even a proper tow strap. To be fair, we doubt anyone in the group expected a beefy Hummer H1 to get stuck in what appears to be a plowed parking lot up in the mountains. To be honest, with the antics witnessed during the first seven minutes of this video, getting stuck was inevitable. We have the video set to start at that moment, but feel free to view the entire clip to see what we’re talking about.

It’s after that seven-minute mark where things go from not-that-bad to epic fail. Yes, the H1 is properly stuffed in the snowbank, but it should’ve been easily recoverable by simply pulling it backward out of the bank. Unfortunately, the only means of extraction was a winch on the HumVee’s front bumper. As such, the accompanying Jeep Wrangler only makes the situation worse by attempting to pull the Hummer further into the bank. If that’s not bad enough, the Jeep driver decides to force the issue with an aggressive run-up which, predictably, snaps the steel winch cable in dramatic fashion. Gee, if only somebody had a tow strap.

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It gets better, or perhaps worse depending on how you view this whole scenario. In a bid for better traction, the H1’s floor mats (yes, floor mats) come out and get stuffed under the driver-side tires. To hold the front mat in place, the Jeep driver decides to freaking stand on it. Because you know, a dude who probably weighs as much as a package of granola bars can somehow exert more force than a steel winch cable pulled by a Jeep. Gee, if only somebody had a shovel and some cat litter to sprinkle on the ground.

Meanwhile, the driver floors the accelerator at every opportunity, digging the Hummer further into the snow and making the increasingly desperate situation even worse. We warned you about multiple facepalm moments here.

Yes, the HumVee eventually gets free and the players live to play another day. Here’s hoping the next adventure is packed with more cool content and less cringe-worthy displays of poor decision making.

Source: DailyDrivenExotics via YouTube

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