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Update: Our spy team in the north caught more next-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class prototypes out and about. Testing is in full swing for the new model, as evidenced by the compilation video above, and the latest video featured below.


Winter testing is still running strong in the north, as evidenced by the above spy video capturing numerous Mercedes-Benz C-Class prototypes gallivanting through the snow. Even the extreme northern latitudes warm up for a few months so the push is on to get all the cold-weather work out of the way. These prototypes are still heavily camouflaged, so once the snow disappears there’s likely still quite a bit of fine-tuning before we see the new C-Class on the road.

That’s supported by the fact that the current C-Class just got a facelift in 2018. We can see the general C-Class shape is still there, and though it may stretch its wheelbase just a bit, don’t expect the sedan to step into E-Class territory. Beneath the camo wrap and false body panels on the front clip should be fascia that resembles the current model, but it will be tweaked to give the sedan a better aerodynamic envelope. Expect the LED headlights to shrink a bit as well.

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A new rear fascia with redesigned taillights will adorn the back of the C-Class, though at this point prototypes are still using bulky placeholder lamps so we’re literally and figuratively in the dark on new designs. The trademark swooping beltline and low-slung C-Class decklid should transition to the new model without much alteration.

Underneath, the new C-Class will use a tweaked version of the MRA platform to cut a bit of weight while also creating a stronger unibody shell. We haven’t heard any specifics on powertrain options, but provisions for hybrid power are almost a certainty. AMG will of course inject its magic further into the future with a C63 that could go well beyond 500 horsepower.

We still have a long wait ahead of us before that happens. The standard-issue C-Class is still a year out at least, with a reveal expected in 2020.

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