Friends, it’s been a very long winter. To our readers in the southern hemisphere, we know many places have suffered record heat and drought conditions, and our thoughts are with you. In return, please send thoughts to your petrolhead colleagues in the north, because cold-weather boredom has officially reached apocalyptic levels of ridiculousness. As proof, we present you with an old Subaru Legacy wagon using massive saw blades to drive across a lake in Finland. Seriously, it’s been a very long winter.

The video comes from Beyond the press on YouTube, and kidding aside, we have some mad respect for this crew. It takes some guts to drive around in a car riding on half-inch-thick steel discs, never mind taking it on a lake. Sure, the teeth bite into the ice but keep in mind these are saw blades – as in devices designed to cut through things. Without even trying very hard the blades take a one-inch bite out of the ice, and with more power applied the grooves go even deeper. Wisely, the action stays near the shore where the ice is thicker and the water is shallow.

Gallery: Subaru On Saw Blades

While the blades do function, ironically they spend more time cutting into the ice instead of driving the car forward. Being winter in Finland, the roads were icy as well so the action moved to firmer ground for some additional testing. With less cutting, the Subaru manages to reach a blistering 60 km/h (37 mph) at times, which may not sound like much until you remember the car’s total contact patch with the ground is just two inches. Understeer seems to be a significant problem, but the old Subaru never the less seems to get around more or less fine.

We’d love to say this is the strangest thing we’ve seen this winter, but as you can see from the links above, it isn’t. Hopefully the cold weather breaks before someone tries to build a Hellcat-powered snowmobile.

Source: Beyond the press via YouTube

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