Winter has been rough in parts of the United States this year. It’s about to get tougher for folks in the Plains, as a brewing blizzard is poised to dump two feet of snow with hurricane force winds over parts of the Dakotas and Nebraska. These folks don’t panic over such things, however. Instead, they build cool life-size replicas of classic cars out of snow, like the surprisingly accurate first-generation Ford Mustang featured above. The photo comes courtesy of the Nebraska State Patrol on Twitter, along with this short-but-sweet video of a “traffic stop” performed on the classic ‘Stang.


According to the Omaha World-Hearld, the car is the handiwork of one Jason Blundell and his kids in Chadron, Nebraska. This small town is in the Nebraska panhandle just south of the South Dakota border, and last weekend a late-winter storm dropped several inches of snow through the area. 43-year-old Blundell – whom we very much admire for being a proper adult-kid – corralled his 15-year-old son Spenser and 17-year-old daughter Shelby, and with the help of a skid-steer loader and several tools they created this realistic-looking 1967 Ford Mustang from a big pile of snow. Folks, that's what you call parenting done right.

How did the Blundells do such a good job building this Snow Pony? If you look closely at the photo you might notice the backside of a classic Mustang in the garage. That’s a real 1967 Mustang, and it served as the literal measuring stick for which the snow version was built. It took five hours all total, but once the project was done, a local Nebraska State Patrol officer couldn’t resist nabbing video of the illegally parked Mustang. He even issued a tow notice – all in jest of course.

It’s presently above freezing in Chadron, so in all likelihood the Snow ‘Stang is no longer recognizable as anything more than a chunk of snow. However, a blizzard warning is in effect through Thursday with over a foot of snow expected in the area. In other words, the Blundells should have all kinds of raw material to build a veritable fleet of new cars. Perhaps a snow police car is in order this time?

Source: The Omaha World-Hearld, Nebraska State Patrol via Twitter, Facebook

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