This short film of wanton SUV destruction is a cinematic masterpiece.

In this day and age, most crossovers and small SUVs are built on a car-like unibody structure. It's easy enough to forget that most SUVs in the old days were built like trucks, with a separate body and frame.

The owner of this Mercury Mountaineer (a fancy cousin to the second generation Ford Explorer) used this fact to great effect when they decided to film a stunt for YouTube infamy (it did get shared by ViralHog, so we'd call that a success). With the roof aft of the passenger seats cut straight across and the rusted rear rockers and floor pan taking care of the rest, the preparations for an ad-hoc Bronco conversion were complete.

The driver ratchet-strapped the tail end of the truck to a tree and, with their companion manning the all-important video camera, they revved the engine before letting their foot off the brake, driving off into that fleeting sunset of internet stardom. The rear section of the body, now irrevocably divorced from the rest of the Mountaineer, lay upside down like a stranded turtle while its original host vehicle frolicked triumphantly in the background.

While we're not sure entirely what these guys were attempting to accomplish, we appreciate their minimalist approach to filmmaking. Their 19 second video tells a story of life, death, and rebirth, punctuated by a mere two words of dialogue at the conclusion: "We're dumbasses." Perhaps those were the same words Bill Murray mysteriously whispered to Gwyneth Paltrow at the end of "Lost In Translation."

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the cameraman – and narrator – remains unseen for the film's entire, brief run. The driver, too, is shrouded in mystery, hidden beneath a black helmet with a reflective lens. In a world where our cinemas are overrun by sequels and comic book heroes, we expect this short film to make a splash on the festival circuit. 

Source: ViralHog on YouTube

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