Hollywood glamour girl Pamela Anderson made an appearance at the Top Marques show in Monaco for German tuning company Gemballa on Sunday.

In Monaco for business, the blonde bombshell was picked up from the airport by Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz using a Panamera Mistrale. "This car is what people want when they are looking for super sports car performance but also like to be chauffeured around," says Schwarz.

As the saying goes, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and it seems to be true as Gemballa was showcasing their unique diamond coating paint which incorporates genuine gems. Anderson giving feedback says, "Simply a brilliant way to make your car really unique."

Although Anderson admits she is a rather cautious driver, she found the Gemballa models exciting looking and "very German" with impressive quality. "For me a great car is not only a question of horsepower."

Gallery: Pam Anderson visits Gemballa at Top Marques show in Monaco [video]

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