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Ferrari revealed today at the Beijing Motor Show the latest evolution of their HY-KERS concept. 

First revealed back in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show, the HY-KERS (hybrid kinetic energy recovery system) was designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emmission by 40 percent while increasing power output. Featuring an electric motor/generator coupled to the dual-clutch 7-speed, the HY-KERS system was fitted to a 599 GTB with its front mid-engined V12 layout.

For this latest evolution of HY-KERS revealed in Beijing, the HY-KERS has been adapted to a mid-rear V12 engine layout, most likely to be applied for the first time in the Ferrari Enzo supercar successor. A second electric motor has also been added in front of the V12 to power auxiliary systems. The two electric motors are connected to the batteries which can be positioned in various locations depending on the available space and final configuration.

Ferrari says the experimental phase of the HY-KERS system has ended and now moves on to the development phase which will begin in the coming months.

More details in the press release below.

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