Honda have used the 2012 Bejing Auto Show to unveil two brand new concepts to the world.

Honda has unveiled two new concepts at the 2012 Bejing Auto Show.

The Concept C is a new mid-size sedan that previews a new production model that is currently under development specifically for the Chinese market. The C in the name is meant to represent “Cool”, Challenge” and “China” and it features a design inspired by a dragon. Production is due to begin in 2013 and it will be distributed through Honda's Chinese company.

The second concept is the Concept S that draws its name from the words "Stylish," "Smart" and "Surprise." It previews a new MPV and previews another production model destined for the Chinese market, however, the model will not be exclusively reserved for the region. Following its launch, the model will provide the basis for a global model-line that could include the next generation FR-V.

Honda Concept C & Concept S unveiled in Beijing