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An art project led by artist Markos Aristides Kern got under way early last year and is nearing completion. Titled MMOVE, an acronym for Multi Media Offroad Vehicle Expedition, the project features a complete mobile production studio that can be set up in seconds for gigantic projections. The key variable of the project is that it can be set up anywhere.

The convoy consisted of MMOV I (MAN mil gl KAT1 7t, 6x6), MMOV II (VW MAN 8.136 FAE, 4x4), VD Truck (VW Amarok w/modified suspension, 4x4) and VD Quad (Polaris Sportsman 850XP, 4x4).

Artistically, Markos' goal was to "connect various locations combining harmony with disharmony." He did this by projecting gigantic images which symbolically contrast the structures they are being projected upon to create extraordinary compositions.

The first expedition took place in January 2011 in which Markos projected the contrasting images of the New York City skyline onto the landscapes of the Sahara desert. Another composition projected a watery Venice onto a rocky mountain plateau.

The final documentary which takes you from location to location will be presented in spring 2012.

Gallery: Multi Media Offroad Vehicle can make gigantic projections anywhere [video]

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