Popular Hot Rodding started tinkering with a '57 Chevy back in 1965. Over 40 years later, the publication's project car is complete.

When Popular Hot Rodding magazine picked up a '57 Chevy in 1965, they started working on what might be the longest-ever custom build.  Over 40 years later, Motor Trend's sister publication finally finished their project car.

Project X, the name ascribed to this custom Chevy, was a constant re-imagination, continually being fit with high-performance parts and whatever new bits-and-pieces the automotive world would become enamored with.

In finishing off the car, General Motors teamed up with PHR to outfit the "yellow shoebox" with the first in a limited edition of Anniversary 427 engines.  This all-aluminum recreation of the ZL-1 427 engine gets 430 horsepower and 450 ft-lb of torque.  Outfitted with a modified front suspension from a Corvette, and four-link & mini-tubbed rear suspension, this car rides on 18 inch front wheels, and 20 inch rear wheels.

“Working on Project X was like working on a time machine,” said Mike Copeland, the GM project manager working on the X.

Unveiled at SEMA with some enthusiasm, Project X was also modernized, with a whole host of electronics hidden into the interior of the car.  For example, power windows were installed, but to operate them, you still use the original hand cranks.  But now, you only need turn the crank about a quarter turn before the power kicks on, automatically raising and lowering the windows.  Check out the video on the page for a little more on this story.

Project X (Finally) Unveiled At SEMA